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Ti Caudron, PhD

Creator of the Keto Cleanse and a Leader in Health and Wellness
"Thanks again for your inspiring direction." 

                                           - Debra Amesqua, Fire Chief     

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Ti Caudron, PhD
Creator of  the Keto Cleanse, the 30-Day RESET, and the Zippi Accelerated 14-Day Cleanse Ti is a leader in health and wellness innovation, an inspirational healthy living coach, an enthusiastic mentor and speaker, as well as a corporate wellness consultant and coach.

Ti Caudron, PhD has spent the past 18 years working in the health & wellness field teaching, inventing, and testing innovative fitness and nutrition programs and products. She has worked with well over 10,000 people on how to look and feel their personal best through weight loss, fitness, and nutrition programs, including her globally known cleanses. 

Ti is not your ordinary wellness coach, she is a wellness evangelist and industry thought leader. Her passion for nutrition, health and exercise is both contagious and energizing, having inspired people everywhere to join her in creating a premier community devoted to achieving and maintaining their own personal best for wellness and helping others do the same. Known as the “Pied Piper” of innovation and encouragement in the wellness arena, under her clear, nurturing, watchful and results-oriented approach, her clients have easily reached and maintained goals they never before dreamed possible.

Ti is passionate about research, education, and teaching. In addition to completing her PhD from Johns Hopkins, Ti also has national certifications in Personal Training (ACE, APEX, NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine, CrossFit) and Lifestyle and Weight management Consulting. She has also completed advanced training in nutrition and laboratory testing. Ti has studied with the world’s best nutritionists: including JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutritionist, and creator of Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance. 

Ti has parlayed her knowledge and practical experience into helping industry leaders by teaching Business Practices at Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts and in more service oriented positions like working in the kitchen at Bauman College’s Vitality Retreats. Because of Ti’s deep quantitative background, she had the opportunity to spend hundreds of consulting hours running metabolic profiles and interpreting nutritional testing data with a top national laboratory. 

Having worked with thousands of individuals in group, corporate and family settings, including major fire departments and top professional athletes, she is a gifted coach with a strong base of experience, and extensive practical knowledge. 

Ti received her BA from Georgetown University and has a PhD in Economics & Statistics from Johns Hopkins University. She has also founded and developed programs for several wellness and nutrition businesses including The Metabolic Edge, Cambiati, and Vitaliti Wellness.

"It’s not enough to know WHAT to do. You’ve got to DO THE DO. When you DO THE DO, you will get what you’ve always wanted. Action has a genius and a power to it. Take ACTION NOW in the Direction of your BEST Health." 
- Ti Caudron, Nutrition and Wellness Leader
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